“My Mother, My Everything”: Alia Bhatt
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“My Mother, My Everything”: Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt feels true fish – temperamental and capricious. She had inherited from his father’s stubbornness and the ability to empathize with the mother. On the eve of release of the project “State 2” Alia is shared with “The Times Of India” thoughts about his dysfunctional family, his friendship with Arjun Kapoor and talks about the love of Varuna Dhavanu.

How did you become an actress?
Karan Johar was looking for a brand new actress and I was advised Niranjan Iyengar, who was very friendly with his sister Pooja. I then wore clothes 5 sizes larger than the “Student of the Year”. Karan asked me to lose weight to do a photo session. So I lost 14 kilos. I was in 12th grade, and then my mother and I went to the audition and chose me. How many can remember, always wanted to be an actress. In kindergarten, I sang in the choir and the teacher said: “Alia, come forward and shine.” I began to sing, and she praised me: “Children, you have to sing like Alia”. I liked the attention and over the years I am increasingly convinced that I wanted to play.

Let’s talk about your family?
I am very attached to his older sister Shaheen. She understands me perfectly, and it does not matter – I’m right or not – it will always be on my side. Dad is very honest, straightforward and intelligent. He has great experience and, frankly, I moved closer to him only after the start of work. Who can I trust him, and I like the fact that he sees me as an actress. My mother – my everything. I will always be her daughter. She’s like my sister. Father a child I remember the bad. He was always busy and the only thing left in the memory of the way we played with him in the board game “Snakes and Ladders”. We never went on a family holiday because he hated them. All my holidays passed with his mother and sister. But one day, he went with us to Goa, however, only three days. After the release of the movie “Highway” father was very happy and did not sleep all night. For him to say “I’m proud of you” – a very big deal, because he never says what’s on his mind.

And you share with someone their inner world?
No, no one except my sister, and then not fully. I am a very private person and do not want anyone to know me completely. I do not like to be vulnerable as I was in the past.

After the “Student of the Year” many left in your address unpleasant comments. You hurt it?
Of course, it hurts. First, be a star child is very difficult, people do not like that, and believe that we all served on a silver platter. I did not expect to get so many awards for “Student of the year”, but also did not expect the reaction of people who said: “What is she doing here Tell her to go home and back to school?”. Become an actress all my life has been my dream, and yet not without its negative. But I survived. Yes, I was hurt, I was depressed and lost confidence. I knew that with the “Student” I was very lucky, so I decided to prove to people that came to Bollywood to be more than just a doll, a good actress. His experiences I shared only with Varun Dhavanom and director Abhishek Varmanom, they supported me. And then in my life I appeared Imtiaz Ali and his confidence in me gave strength. “Highway” greatly changed me.

You are to meet someone?
No. I think it’s so clear. The first man appeared in my 9th grade, and the first and only long-term relationship in the 19th, after the “Student of the Year”. I was in love, but do not admit to anyone. I do not have a boyfriend for a year.

You tied relationship with Varun and Arjun Kapoor. What do you say?
I like Varuna, it is much closer to me than Arjun, Arjun, too, although very close to me.

Talk about Varuna?
I know its the last three years, ever since the shooting began “Student of the Year”. It seems to me that I have known him all my life. Varun is a very honest man, and I know that he would never lie to me. He is very dedicated and responsive. Whatever happens, he will always help me. And he has not changed to their friends, it is a merit of education. The only thing I do not like that it sometimes disappears. You can disappear for the world, but not for me. Not that I’m waiting for him to call five times a day, but I have a very close friend, and most possessive.

And Arjun?
Arjun much older than me, so I thought he was a pseudo-intellectual meek, until I realized that it’s actually fun. The first time I met him on the 40th anniversary of Karan Johar. Then we started shooting “two states.” I had to go to the shooting, “Highway”, which devastated me emotionally. And when I returned to the site “2 States”, I wanted to talk about it with Arjun. I opened it for themselves during that period and found in it a friend. He is a very quiet man, but says a lot for its actions. For example, after the death of my cat Smokey, Arjun learned about it and called. He was silent … but when I heard that I was crying, said simply: “Do not cry.” He is also very stubborn person, and I feel that he will achieve a lot in Bollywood.

What do you think about marriage?
I’m not one of those girls who marry and stay at home. If I get married, only to have two children.

You were hard to realize that your father had two families?
Yes. As a child I was sure that I will not marry until I want to have children. The school laughed at me a lot, because my father had two wives. But I’m not really worried because my father lived with us. Maybe if he did not live with us, it would be affected differently at me. But I confess that I was afraid his parents’ divorce. Recently I had a dream that they broke up, it was a nightmare. We have a difficult family. We do not get together at the dinner table, and never spoke to the family circle. Everyone was on his own. The father did not even know which class I’m learning. Of course, now he wants to know everything about my filming and how much money I get. Finally, we began to communicate with each other. Pope unusual father. He was always very busy, and when he came home, watched the news. He hates teachers and feel that they teach us nonsense. Last year, when I was shot in Ahmedabad, the father came back with promotions “Aashiqui 2” and visited me on the set of “state 2”. Recently, he asked: “You’re dating Arjun or what?” Six months later, he said: “I felt something in the van, when he arrived in Ahmedabad,” although it was nothing. He loves Arjun. And now he calls me and says: “Alia, for the first time in my life I was called the father of Alia Bhatt”. He was happy, but it has added to it a little depressed. I began to laugh, and he laughed too. But I do not think that’s true. I want very much to gain. Until now, I was known as the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt. But my goal is for it to be known as the father of Alia Bhatt.