Tips For The Kitchen
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Tips For The Kitchen

50 useful kitchen cleaning tips

1. To remove the unpleasant smell from the hands after slicing onions or garlic, just rub them with a spoon made of stainless steel. Steel should absorb the smell.

2. Raw coffee beans can also absorb unpleasant smell on the hands.

3. If you overdo soup, put it in the cleared potato. It will absorb the excess salt.

4. When cooking eggs to throw water pinch of salt, so that they are not cracked.

5. Do not put citrus or tomatoes in the refrigerator. Low temperatures affect the taste and aroma of these whimsical products.

6. To wash dishes made of cast iron, do not use detergents. Just clean it with salt, and clean and dry with a paper towel.

7. Does the milk will curdle if it boil? It turns out that after all it is not so. Boiled milk is perfectly safe for consumption.

8. To clean the heating element kettle descaling, boil it in vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 1 and then pour.

9. To empty sealed containers during storage did not acquire an unpleasant odor, sprinkle a pinch of salt in each.

10. If your sauce accidentally burnt, pour it into a clean saucepan and cook further. Add a little sugar, taking care not to pereslastit sauce. Sugar will remove the smell of burning.

11. burnt rice? Put on top of rice piece of white bread for 5-10 minutes to remove the burnt taste. When you serve the rice, do not scrub away burnt rice from the bottom of the pan.

12. Before you chop chili, grease your hands with oil: so hot pepper oil is absorbed into the skin.

13. If you are in doubt about the freshness of the eggs, pour the water into a container about 10 cm, and lower them back. Fresh eggs will lie on the bottom. If the rose is only one end of the egg, so they should be used first. Supernatants eggs not fresh.

14. To get rid of ants in the kitchen, get a gap or a hole, through which they climb, and its enclosure, apply petroleum jelly. The ants can not crawl through it. If they creep under the door, draw a chalk line there. Insects can not cross it.

15. If you are going to cook popcorn, soak the beans in water for 10 minutes. Drain beans and cook popcorn as usual. Since popcorn is cooked faster, it will be more fluffy, and there will be less unopened beans.

16. Do not store the bananas with other fruits in a cluster. Divide the bunch, bananas, and keep separate from each other. Bananas emit a gas that promotes rapid ripening fruit (bananas and other). Individually, they will stay fresh longer.

17. did not grow, put the apple back to the potatoes in the bag.

18. Remains of wine can be frozen in molds for ice, and then added to soups and sauces.

19. To clear all grooves and corners in a vase or jar, fill it with water and drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets. Bubbles will do everything for you.

20. The cooled water after boiling potatoes or pasta can be watered potted plants. The nutrients contained in it, like your plants.

21. When you clean the aquarium, do not pour water and use it to water houseplants. In a litter of fish contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which makes water an excellent fertilizer.

22. Defrosting meat, pour him a small amount of vinegar. It will not only make the meat more tender, but also help to defrost it faster.

23. A substance that causes us to cry over onions, located in the basal plate of the bulb. Cut her cone, so that the widest part of the cone cover the root of the bulb.

24. If you remove the top layer of the bulb with the husk, it also reduces the amount of tears shed.

25. Toothpaste perfectly pure silver.

26. Baking soda is not as good absorbs odors in the refrigerator and the freezer, in this you are assured of its producers. Activated carbon copes with it much better.

27. But baking soda – a good cleaning agent. If you use it with vinegar, it can be cleaned wastewater and clean the stove and the sink.

28. Favorite Board of thousands of grandmothers: if you cut your finger when sliced vegetables, wait until the blood stops, and seal the cut with clear nail polish. This will protect the wound from getting into the juice, like a bandage.

29. It is still not adopted a unanimous decision about what to put in a bag of brown sugar, so it does not solidify: used and a slice of apple and a piece of bread, and a ceramic crock.

30. Can not find a splinter? Glue in place with a piece of adhesive tape thorn and then jerk tear – will splinter.

31. If you are burned, spread mustard place burn. Leave it for a while – it will reduce the pain and prevent blisters.

32. If the faded aluminum pot, boil it a little apple peel. Pan shine, and the house will smell delicious.

33. To the pastry callous longer, our resourceful grandmother put a piece of tissue paper to the bottom of cans of biscuits.

34. If the salt caked moisture, throw in some rice. It will absorb excess moisture.

35. To remove the stains from the hands of fruits and vegetables, rub them with raw peeled potatoes. Another helps vinegar.

36. To a salad iceberg stayed fresh longer, wrap it with a clean, dry paper towel, put in a sealed bag and store in the refrigerator.

37. If the bread began to grow stale, just put in a bag with a bread slice celery – this will return it a fresh taste and softness.

38. Keep the kitchen aloe in the pot. This plant is invaluable for cuts and burns. Break off the sheet, and scrape off the gel juice fault.

39. If the soup, sauce or roast is too fat, throw in a pot ice cube. Ice attract fat, and you can collect it.

40. To re-use cooking oil and get a taste of what was preparing on it previously, warm oil of ginger slice thickness of 0.5 cm. It removes extraneous tastes and odors.

41. If the milk sours faster than the ends, add a pinch of salt in the package as soon as you open it. So long as it does not turn sour.

42. The cooled boiled water freezes faster. This is useful if you need ice urgently.

43. Spots of tea or coffee with a porcelain paste are removed with a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and cream of tartar. Rub her spots, and they are easy to clean.

44. If the glass was stuck in another glass, pull it is impossible. Put ice in the inner glass and outer glass dip in warm water. The heat expands the glass, and a glass of cold reduced, and they can easily be separated.

45. If the splinter came under the nail, hold his finger in a glass of milk with a piece of bread – say it pulls splinters.

46. Do you ever gave my grandfather a Coke from the patient’s tummy? It turns out that it really is an effective tool. Sugar and soda can relieve some stomach illness, but they can also exacerbate the other.

47. It is said that if you put the salty bacon to a boil, it is “pull the poison” from it.

48. In order to wooden crates (without guide) put forward well, rub a candle slots.

49. Apply a fresh injury cotton swab soaked in vinegar, and a bruise does not appear, and the injury will be faster.

50. If you regularly drink cranberry juice and eat blueberries, this will help you to avoid urinary tract infections.