Rest in the French part of the Alps
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Rest in the French part of the Alps

French Alps welcome to all who decide to spend a holiday or a few days off in its territory. To the delight of proper rest and all the tourists are given amazing, the most amazing and unique landscapes, untouched primeval nature of the mountains – and at the same time all the advantages of the modern civilized world. Only in the Alps can be seen the harmonious fusion of two seemingly different, the parties – the naturalness and the naturalness of nature with the advances that greatly simplify our lives. In cities around the clock work fine restaurants, bars and clubs are located closer to the mountains resort areas and resorts in the Alps themselves – ski slopes. Especially wonderful to hold in the French part of the Alps summer vacation, as it is in the warmer months, you can take long walks in the mountains or participate in a noisy and diverse city. In the summer it held a great number of festivals, celebrations and processions, when walking on the streets to cheer the crowd, and from all sides settled inviting outdoor cafes and restaurants.
A special cultural program during their stay in the French Alps can be visiting the old villages – you can visit the hospitable residents, accustomed to the constant influx of tourists to take part in local festivals, buy any souvenirs in the village shops. In any case, you can be sure – rest on the territory of the French Alps will be an unforgettable experience, he will give a lot of original impressions, increase positive emotions from the rest and will give mental strength. But and if you like sun, sea and sand, then we recommend a visit to sunny Andalusia, located in the south of Spain, and rent an apartment in Malaga at affordable prices and on favorable terms.

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