Holidays in Italy
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Holidays in Italy

All the time travelers, artists, writers and tourists visiting Rome. After all, this city has an indescribable beauty! No wonder in Rome visited such famous figures as the G.Dzheyms, Goethe and others. Outstanding People of Russia also visited Rome, among them Turgenev, Gogol, Nekrasov, and others. Tourist attraction of the Centre are its ancient ruins. It is the remains of the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. The Colosseum has always been famous for the events and passions that seethed in him. After the terrible fighting that took place in it fascinated millions of viewers.

Rome called the capital of Catholicism. When it comes to Rome, then pop up associations with the Pope, the Church. This aura left reflected in the architecture of Rome. Surprisingly, Rome in World War II did not suffer much. It speaks of his mystery and sacredness. Today, and today you can buy in the city of Power at an affordable and competitive price.

Sardinia – an island with the shape of sandals. That is why the indigenous people believe the Lord stepped foot here, which went down to the ground. The mystery of this island is that it has an interesting history. And all because when European citizens raging barbarity, then on the island was an amazing peace and civilization. This civilization is still recalls his abandoned iron structures, because they can be found anywhere in Sardinia.

Of course, first of all Sardinia is famous for its beauty, is uniquely clean and beautiful as the Sea of Azov Kirillovka. Beaches around the sea are rightfully considered the best in Italy. Sardinia – a wonderful place for those who like to dive. Indeed, apart from the sea of purity, we can not say about his saturated flora and fauna. You can choose a tour of the city of Cagliari, Barrumini. If you are a lover of thrills – then visit the deepest cave in the world – the caves. And even more – much more, you only have to choose!