Observation about Om Shanti Om
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Observation about Om Shanti Om

Not yet met anyone who would not like this “disco” called Deewangi Deewangi. Personally, I felt a sense of puppy enthusiasm from such a stunning “skit”. But there was a feeling “hunger” and the bit of resentment. After the spectacle was over, flew thoughts – if went to a “booze” – where Amitabh, Aamir, Hrithik, Madhuri, Sri? Why Dharam without Hema? Aishwarya forgotten! As it without Karisma Kareena? Who is the “extra”? Why invite so few “oldies”?

All that I have heard or read – Aamir was very busy at that time Mads lived in Denver (and could arrive) and Sridevi refused because And this company was not her “worthy.” I do not believe! I think it’s just gossip. Do any of you know why? Which is why many actors do not come to this “holiday”? Why the same Akshay and Abhishek in the song did not appear, but “present” only at the awards ceremony? Some managed to light up and there and there. I wonder who “distributed” the place and the parade? Think about it.

Whatever you say, and the topic turned incendiary and completely fit into the context of the mystical stories. View our hits, “athlete, member of the Komsomol and simply beautiful” Rani Mukerji, emitting continuous positive in his sky-blue sari and disrupt the first kiss of the Shah. Production of all elements of dance performed at a high level, each guest picked up the individual motion, full of energy and rhythm. I pay tribute to Farah Khan – a real pros of the business! Only the “scared” with Shah Zayed – I was afraid that they hit their heads!

Let me share with you my observations. If we consider the song under a microscope, you can feel the “vibes”, flying between the actors and reflect their sympathy or antipathy to each other. This room is simply sparks psychological nuances and moments that horror as interesting to analyze. Who would think – what points? Ordinary shooting, and everyone tried to look dignified in a scene and do not look worse than others. Agree. But all the actors of this play know each other and “cooked in one pot” for many years. Some of them know very closely, and someone wants to go to your “ideal”, and just to shake his hand. For the actors, too, have any idols among the “friends”. And here such a good time, God himself ordered!
Have you noticed how cute embarrassed Tabu and Rekha Shah after the kiss? Even if it were so conceived, still it turned out very charming. Dharmendra showed as if he “flew” to the light and “landed” next to the bar. Everyone knows that he is not dancing, but subtly beat this episode, the actor did not feel uncomfortable at youth background. Under the general merriment and he made a couple of movements, and Shahrukh its moral support, arranged under it. And when I caught a second opinion Dharama aimed directly at the camera (where he was with Salman dancing), I realized what he was thinking at that moment: “I do not understand what I was doing, but I’m here definitely like it!” It is evident that Dharmendra in the process of relax and have fun. Jeetendra was very confident in the company Touchard and gave a head start in dance young and Mithun and did feel at ease and even weighed Shah symbolic slap. Here is a pancake, only recently I noticed that when a Mithun aunt behind him in the “swoon” fell. As I had not seen it? – The legendary “Disco Dancer” has riveted the attention! Shahrukh ‘saluted’ and Dharmendra and Mithun, and Jitendra, and even on one knee in front of Shabani stood up and kissed the handle – well, a true gentleman! It is evident that in his tribute and reverence “oldies” Shah was absolutely sincere.