History Of Copa America
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History Of Copa America

The first drawing of the America’s Cup (Copa América) was held in 1910 and was unofficial. Actually, the brand name – Copa America – did not exist. The tournament formerly called the South American championship for national teams (Campeonato Sudamericano de Selecciones), and under the present name he was known only since 1975.

Argentines have decided to arrange a football competition involving four teams – Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and, of course, his own. However, the Brazilians at the last moment refused to participate, but the May 29, 1910 in Buenos Aires, nevertheless, the first match of the championship of South America: Uruguay team defeated the Chileans with the score 3: 0, and the first goal in the history of the tournament scored Jose Pendibene of “Peñarol” . Seven days later Argentina defeated Chileans even more big score – 5: 1.

Nearly 40,000 people gathered at the stadium club, “Gimnasia and Esgrima” to watch the game eternal rivals, which decided the fate of the first place. But their expectations were deceived – even before the start of the game the fans set fire to one of the stands, and the match was postponed. The day after the meeting did take place in the stadium of the club “Racing”, where only 8 million viewers could see the victory of the Argentine national team with a score of 4: 1.
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The second event, in 1916, was also an unofficial (although this is a controversial issue) – it was held in honor of the 100th anniversary of Argentina’s independence. In the final match of the newly agreed national teams of Argentina and Uruguay. Despite the fact that the game ended in a goalless draw, the winner was Uruguay, thus taking revenge for the defeat six years ago.

The tournament has attracted a lot of attention, and to some extent served as a catalyst for the creation of continental football confederation – CONMEBOL (CONMEBOL). Date of formation of the Confederacy – July 9, 1916.

A year later, already under its auspices was played the first official championship of the continent. “Celeste” (the nickname of the national team of Uruguay) has once again become the first. Uruguay, by the way, up to 2011, together with Argentina held the record for the most titles won – at 14. And it was necessary to happen that in 2011 it was the Uruguayans in Argentina took the lead, becoming the fifteenth time the holders of the America’s Cup. Surprisingly, the Brazilians, who spoke at the world championships more successful of these teams is significantly inferior to them in the inland competitions. Total eight times “selesao” gets better on its continent. In four cases, the Brazilians won at home.

Factor plays its field in South America sometimes decisive role. Powerful doping in the form of boisterous fans support their doubles, triples, and even multiplies tenfold force impulsive, impressionable, temperamental southerners. What else can explain the victory against Bolivia, which occupies a very modest place in the hierarchy of South American football? Having five victories, including two in the final meeting of the Argentina national team (3: 2) and Brazil (5: 4), the Bolivian players became champions. It happened in 1963, when the championship was held in Bolivia. In 1997, Bolivia ranked second, second only to Brazil in the final. What do you think, which hosted the America’s Cup?

Seven times the tournament was held in Uruguay, and seven times the hosts triumphed. Nine times the organizers of the championships were Argentines. In six cases, they won. And one more statistical evidence to say. Twenty times of thirty-eight (52.6 percent) victory in the tournament getting any hosts. Only teams of Chile and Ecuador failed to take advantage of the native walls.

Five times winner had to be determined in the additional game, and each time one of the participants of these meetings was the Brazilian national team (meaning the championship of South America until 1967). Twice she lost: in 1937 the Argentines (0: 2), and in 1953 – Paraguay (2: 3). Three times more fights ended in victory for the Brazilians. In 1919, they defeated the national team of Uruguay (1: 0), in 1922 – Paraguay team (3: 1). And in 1949, again won a victory over the same opponents (7: 0).

The formula, timing and frequency of the continent championship changed repeatedly. In the 70-80-ies of the last century, three Copa America is still sometimes referred to this tournament, had no master: held lengthy travels to tournaments, and winners at this circuit drawing became national teams of Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In 1987, the South Americans came back to the old practice, and it was decided to abide by the principle of rotation – that is to trust the role of organizer in series all ten countries within the CONMEBOL. now the current draw circuit with twelve participants operating since 1993. The two teams play the role of special guests, and one of them is invariably the Mexican national team. Other – is, as a rule, still one of the leading teams of the neighboring Confederation – CONCACAF. Once the tournament came and Japan national team. (In 2011, the Japanese refused to participate in the America’s Cup because of what happened on the eve of an earthquake, during which many people were killed and hurt the country’s economy, – author’s note).

On the one hand, such a systematization of the tournament went to the benefit. On the other – its holding in odd years created problems for the players playing in Europe: they are in fact deprived of the summer holidays, and the clubs were usually not enthusiastic about the long-term absences, create problems in preparation for the next season.

In 2001, the tournament did not come to Colombia almost all the leading players of the Brazilian team, Argentines and altogether refused to participate in the tournament (reasons, however, it was different – related to politics – character). After that, followed by another almost revolutionary solution: Topically America’s Cup twice at least – in the same years as the European Championship.

The tournament was the first in Peru in 2004, fit into the new structure. Five-time world champions – Brazil football became its winners for the seventh time. However, the timing of the next tournament was again broken.

America’s Cup held in Venezuela in 2007, that is, not four, but three years after the last, and not the year of the European Championship. Although, it is no matter. “Selesao” won for the eighth time. America’s Cup 2011, held in Argentina, was a disaster for the Brazilian national team. And not only the result but also the game. Why are only four (!) Not scored a penalty of four strokes in the quarterfinal match against Paraguay. Not to mention the fact that of the three games of the group stage, “selesao” could only win one, twice played a draw.