History Of Copa America

The first drawing of the America's Cup (Copa América) was held in 1910 and was unofficial. Actually, the brand name - Copa Ame...

Tips for Beautiful skin

Beautiful appearance of the face and the absence of clogged pores depends not only on products for skin care, but also on the power supply. In order to always look attractive, it is necess...

Macadamia oil: bring life weakened hair

Changes in temperature, stress, change of color, stylers and varnishes - all this adversely affects the condition of the hair. Get stronger and return to the beauty of your hair will help ...

Water treatments in skin

The fact that our skin to seventy percent water, we heard more than once. Nevertheless, many women still neglect moisturizing treatments. Well, at a young age such levity can go unnoticed ...

Divorce Horror: A look inside

According to statistics, the divorce - it is one of the most frightening circumstances of life. People going through a divorce, facing steadily with this kind of trouble, the pain of parti...

Eggs: Super Food or Cholesterol Bomb?

Poached, boiled, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata, Benedict - egg dishes can be found in the menu of almost every cafe and restaurant. Availability, speed of cooking and variety of dis...

“Exploding” viruses against brain cancer

Arctic will be completely free of ice!

Health app increases battery consumption on Android

A record number of people wishing to fly into space

Solar plants used for oil

Airbus aircraft published the 3D-printer

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Arctic will be completely free of ice!

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Eggs: Super Food or Cholesterol Bomb?

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