Tips for Beautiful skin
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Tips for Beautiful skin

Beautiful appearance of the face and the absence of clogged pores depends not only on products for skin care, but also on the power supply. In order to always look attractive, it is necessary to make facial cleansing, enriching the menu of wholesome food. More restrictive diet that will clean the skin and cleanse the pores, does not provide. It is only necessary to change a normal diet, that is, to consume more fortified products. Produce deep cleansing facial skin at home is best in spring and summer, when there are fresh fruits and vegetables.
The presence in the body of substances such as melanin (responsible for skin color), carotenoids (have antioxidant properties and stimulates the cleansing of pores, align and rejuvenate the skin) and hemoglobin (saturates the blood with oxygen) is very important for the human skin.
Take for cleansing facial skin at home need a fortified food, because it is often skin problems occur because of a lack of vitamins.

1. If the epidermis became dry and started peeling of the skin – it is a signal that the body lacks carbohydrates and healthy fats. In this case, the diet should be introduced orange and red vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of vitamin A.
2. In order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on your face, you should eat more citrus – they have a lot of vitamin C.
3.Laxity of the skin will disappear after replenishing the body with vitamin H. Biotin deficiency will fill products such as nuts, egg yolks, and liver and milk.
4.Skin cells are restored person with enough protein. In the body, it is perfectly absorbed by fish, cottage cheese, chicken meat. 5. Excessive consumption of smoked meat, fried foods, hot spices and sweet wines, the facial skin often reddens. Minimizing or exclusion from the diet of these products eliminate the problems appeared.