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Arctic will be completely free of ice!

Professor Peter Wadham of Cambridge University said that in this year or next year, the Arctic could for the first time in the last 100 thousand years is completely free of ice. On its findings scientist told the publication The Independent. Wadham says that the most recent data collected by NASA satellites show that as of June 1 in the Arctic was covered with ice, 11.1 million square kilometers, an average of the last 30 years of 12.7 million kilometers. The difference between these two rates is approximately equal to the area of six countries such as the UK.
According Wadham, by September of this year, the area of ice in the Arctic will be less than 1 million square kilometers, or it will disappear altogether. At the present time record low Arctic ice cover is 3.4 million kilometers. According to the researcher, this year the area of ice in the Arctic will be much less than this figure. If the ice melts completely, it will be mainly concentrated in the area of Canada north. The last time the Arctic was ice-free 100-120 thousand years ago. Earlier in the Arctic, the remnants of tropical forest were found. Fossil trees were something between a palm and fern.

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