How To Get A Flat Belly
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How To Get A Flat Belly

The top purpose for which girls begin to exercise, at all times remained flat stomach. And those who dream of steel cubes press, supporters and soft, natural forms, believe in one thing – in the “waist zone” there are at least a couple of centimeters, remove that do not hurt.

The abdomen is literally the center of our figures. When we perceive the figure of a man holistically evaluate its proportions, our final verdict is issued based on the ratio of waist to hips and breasts.

The theme of “slimming belly” overgrown with legends and myths, has become a gold mine for producers of miracle diets, magic drugs incredible simulators promising lightning-fast results without any effort on our part. What are the myths of a flat stomach and what to do for this result – in our today’s article.

1: “In order to lose weight in the belly area, you need to download the press”

Perhaps the most common myth can be stated as follows: “to become a flat stomach, decreased body fat and become slimmer waist, it is necessary to swing the press.” And here we see the girls who collect will in a fist and promise yourself every day to do 200 sit-ups in the press. The first couple of days after such “training” the press hurts so much that neither straighten up nor sneeze, and after two or three weeks undertaking catches, because it does not bring tangible results.

The fact is that fat can not be burned locally and the path to a beautiful stomach just goes through the burning of fat. Therefore, the issue of weight loss in the abdominal area – it is a question of burning fat everywhere. That is, when the start process of losing weight, lose weight and belly.

What to do?

Since a flat stomach – this is a relatively small amount of body fat, exercise rectus abdominis (pumping media) does not directly lead to this result.

A flat stomach – the result of an intelligent combination of diet, cardio and strength training. Our goal is to unleash the metabolism – that is to burn more calories even while at rest. Metabolism is accelerated just because a competent diet and training.

The diet should primarily assumed decline in the proportion of simple carbohydrates in the diet – sweets, bakery products and fatty foods. The right will increase your fiber intake and eat often but in small portions.

Perfect training in this case – is an intensive training of the whole body with small weights in mnogopovtornom mode of cardio.

Failure to follow the diet and without complex load, the spontaneous performance of twists at the press may lead to the fact that under the current layer of fat develop rectus abdominis, that visually make the stomach only a “tighter”.

 2. To press has not started to separate into “cubes”, it needs to be stretched

One of the most mysterious myths I heard, strangely enough, by the instructor dance: “Girls, to your press was not like men and not shared” cubes “, let him stretch.” It sounds challenging and is illiterate abuse of muscular anatomy. Direct default abdominis muscle is divided into the fascia ( “bricks”), the number and geometry of which each individual. Stretching the press has nothing to do with the presence or absence of cubes.

What to do?

If you are one of those who is afraid of the press as the fire cubes, and considers them to be ‘male’ prerogative, you just do not need to burn fat to the extent that these same blocks will become visible. If you are so satisfied with their flat tummy, continue to swing the press and perform the usual workout for you.

3. If the lower abdomen – area of concern, you need to download “lower abs”

“And now let us bleed the bottom press to the stomach is not sticking out” – this appeal also sounds like a mockery of muscular anatomy. Rectus abdominis muscle is not divided into “upper” and “lower”. It is included in the entirety of any exercises that flex the spine.

What to do?

If body fat on your stomach is small, but the belly is still “sticking”, you need to train the internal abdominal muscles that support the internal organs, fixing the volume of the abdominal cavity.

You will approach the exercise, by which develops the ability to “keep the stomach sucked” and even produced the corresponding habit in daily life. The most useful exercise – static: dozens of variations of the famous “planks”. The main thing is to perform these exercises the power of “belly” is not helping himself with the other muscle groups. Another important exercise – “stomach vacuum”. The idea is to stretch the abdominal muscles, the abdominal cavity is completely freed from the air. The technique of its implementation can be easily found on the Internet.

There is one very important point that should not be overlooked. If you are sure that you do not have excess fat in the abdomen and the inner muscles are strong enough, and the belly still sticks out – you may have a diastasis.

Diastasis – this discrepancy recti. This pathology can be acquired as a result of pregnancy or abdominal surgery. Between the rectus abdominal formed “gap”, due to which the stomach can not be fully retracted.

If you suspect that you have diastasis, you should consult with a surgeon. A number of exercises on the press like classical twists you is contraindicated. Executing jerks can only exacerbate the situation. Despite the fact that the small degree of muscle diastasis differences sometimes goes away (because I had the most), the only guaranteed way to bring the muscles in original condition – surgery.

4. To make the waist thinner, it is necessary to perform the side slopes with a worsening

“You hold the dumbbells in hands and tilt it to one side or the other!” – This advice often hear girls who dream about the waist. In fact, this simple exercise just “pumping” side and removes the waist, making the silhouette more direct and wide.

What to do?

Sci tending to waist, we have, firstly, reduce body fat, as mentioned several times above. Second, visually “narrow the” silhouette of our obliques. For their study literate fit exercises, implying pulling together of opposite limbs. For example: curl lying on the principle of “the right elbow to the left knee,” pulling up “the left knee to right elbow” in the bar on straight arms, etc.

Make it so that the waist seemed visually slimmer, by changing the proportions of the body. It is a long and difficult path that requires patience and concentration. Coaching individual muscle groups, in this case – the shoulders, back and buttocks, advanced “fitonyashki” seeking notorious figures “hourglass”. Talia will seem so already, be wider than the shoulders, upper back, and the development will be the hip. This version works on your body for those who have no desire to lose weight, but there is a desire to change the proportions of the figure.

With the mind come to any advice and confidently go to the purpose. All tummies dreams and vigorous workouts!