Lose Your Weight Fast and Safely
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Lose Your Weight Fast and Safely

What kind of training more effective, and whether it is possible to do without them if you decide to lose weight? Should I believe in the rapid diet or better to become a vegetarian for a while? And is there such a diet, which helps for everybody? Dispelling the most common stories about losing weight.

1.You can determine where it is to lose fat

Agree, it would be nice to have the right to choose where in the decreasing volume, which leave intact and that, on the contrary, increase. But it does not happen.

Our body can be represented as one large briquette ice cream, which is slimming time evenly “melts” from all sides, or suddenly begins to decrease rapidly treacherously where we did not expect.

Even if you combine diet with fitness, it does not guarantee the exact fulfillment of the cherished desires. People are so individual, and their bodies are so reacts differently on fasting days and training, that even if you lose weight and scatter your metabolism on a treadmill in a pair with someone, most likely, will leave grams and centimeters differently.

2. Express diet effective

Like all fashion trends, rapid methods for combating overweight is temporary. For example, you radically change your eating behavior and habits for a couple of weeks to lose 5 kg. And you really manage. But what happens later, a few weeks after the end of the express program for weight loss?

As a rule, the results of experiments on the body are deprived of long-term sustainability. Without a clear plan for the transition to a new diet, most people simply return to the old eating habits and weight is reduced quickly.

Rapid methods have rigid frameworks are strictly restrictive, because they are often very difficult to adhere to, remaining in the real world. For example, during a lunch break in the office, you suddenly discover that you forgot to bring a container of cooked chicken breast, and so with a clear conscience eat a sandwich or a roll for the company with co-workers, postponing the “good intentions” for tomorrow. But circumstances change again tomorrow, you have to go on a business trip, and diet is postponed for a week … Thank you again sit on yogurt or rice, again “pluck.” And so on to infinity.

Unfortunately, for most people, short-term changes in eating habits are absolutely ineffective.

3. weight loss cardio more effective than strength training

Most people assume that training on a treadmill help burn fat better than a short strength training. But it is not so. Aerobic exercise is important for weight loss, but if you have no time and we have to choose between cardio and bar, it is better to spend precious minutes in the hall for classes with weights.

The more muscle in our body, the more calories the body burns at rest. Increasing muscle mass, you will keep the metabolism in tension, causing the body to work and use energy derived from food, not just an hour after the workout, but also throughout the day. Your body will just have to work effectively.

4. If the weight loss plan works for others, it will work for you

In fact, there is no weight loss programs that help everyone. Different people need different approaches. Our bodies function very differently and their needs are not the same, which is why nutrition and training plans should be developed or adapted to each individual.

Of course, great to lose weight for the company with someone. But there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results as your companion.

5. If you exercise intensely, it does not matter what you eat

You can not restrict or some products in their diet or exercise only. For effective weight loss is necessary to do something, and more.

If you really want to see the positive changes taking place with the body, you need to completely revise the way of life, including the development of an eating plan and make adjustments to the usual life. Proper diet and good physical shape – it does not pay, but rather bonuses.

If you try to just keep the weight of conventional sports can be enough. But if the goal – weight loss, the menu should be given special attention.

Those who need to lose weight for a couple of kilos, it is better to focus on physical activity, eliminate junk food and restrict the diet of refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.

Those who have a significant excess of the allowable BMI values, we should start with a consultation with a doctor, an elaborate meal plan and moderate exercise with instructor.

6. Eating at night – it’s bad

Late dinner has long been associated with weight gain. But this does not mean that you have to dine exclusively to 18 hours. If you do not want to go to bed before 11 pm, the meal can be in 20 hours – the organism will remain on the food to digest enough time. If you go to bed hungry, it could easily provoke insomnia. Therefore it is better to eat at night something easy than to dream of food.

7. Violations unacceptable

On the contrary, it is better sometimes to indulge yourself with something delicious and loved. It will not feel like a man, deprived of the pleasures of life. Instead of focusing on resisting the temptation to completely avoid certain foods, including some “easing” in your weekly meal plan.

This does not mean that two days a week are allowed to overeat, “destroying” three servings of french fries or ice cream at a time. But if, for example, you have a scheduled trip to the pizzeria with friends on Friday, then you can allow yourself to one slice of pizza.

Drawing up a program of weight loss, do not forget about reality and do so in view of their own lifestyle. The diet should not turn you into a miserable person.
8. We need to train harder and longer

Instead; we recommend focus on “smart” fitness programs. If you are exhausting your body at the gym so that after the occupation barely stand on his feet, then sooner or later you will achieve the undesirable effects and encounter serious health problems.

Too heavy loads can affect the adrenal glands and significantly slow down the metabolic processes. This means that the body is struggling “cling” for weight saving fat for survival.

If you are not used to regular exercise, start with a few lessons per week. Make a varied program that includes cardio, strength training and stretching.

9. Vegetarianism accelerates weight loss

Vegetarianism and veganism is surrounded by a “halo” of health. It is believed that because of them lose weight faster. But to gain weight as you can with meat or without. It makes no sense to become a vegetarian, but continue to eat junk food – exclude products of animal origin, and “lean” on chips and cakes.

It is not enough to erase from their own diet only sources of saturated fat. It is necessary to choose the right products, limiting sugar and other simple carbohydrates.
10. Training provokes hunger

some people avoid cardio, especially running, because they feel that they are forced to eat more. But following this logic, think about it: who does not work – do not want to eat?

Dieting without exercise stresses ineffective (we have already talked about the need to combine exercise and proper diet to lose weight), besides, you are depriving themselves of other benefits of exercise and will be more prone to stress.

When you exercise and sweat active, you need to follow the hydration level. Sometimes we feel hungry because too much sweat and end up dehydrated.

In addition, if you are feeling hungry after a workout – it’s a good sign! Thus, the metabolism is working hard. The best time to eat – immediately after the occupation. Then the body will use the food for immediate energy replenishment. And if you do not satisfy your hunger at once, you will experience negative emotions for the rest of the day and probably just nakinet to eat later.

This does not mean that you need to eat immediately after training complex dinner. Enough fresh, smoothies or protein bars, not to feel hungry.