Biography of LeBron James
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Biography of LeBron James

From the early years of school, James was the object of constant attention of the American media, praised him as a future NBA star. In 2003, he was selected in the NBA draft at No. 1, “the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team. James was at that time 18 years old, and he became the second player in the history of the association, which is right after school selected in the NBA Draft by the first number. LeBron’s childhood passed in constant traveling from place to place, which is prevented him to go to school and make friends. The only thing that was always with the young James, – a basketball, a passion which, as well as to American football, was manifested quite early. Subsequently, the football coach LeBron Frank Walker sheltered his charge at home, thus ending his endless travel and school passes. LeBron made friends with his son Walker, Frank Jr., and with the other guys, who loved basketball: Sayenom Cotton, Dru Joyce, Willie McGee and Romeo Travis. Together they made their school team one of the best in the state. LeBron himself was a head taller than his partner, both literally and figuratively. By the eighth grade, he grew up to 185 cm, can play all five positions and, according to his coach, basketball had a sixth sense. Less than a year as LeBron team advanced to the national championship finals among eighth graders. That’s when James first talked about as a future basketball star. LeBron has become a full-fledged star in the team, Akron St.Vincent – St.Mary, from where he was otdraftovan in the NBA. Gradually it has become so popular that it matches in the junior team even showed on national television. With him there was one interesting story – exercising in the room, it is during the next slam-dunk broke the ring and fell with him to the floor. Seeing that the ring is broken, dashed to his principal, in the hall who coached James and tried to take the ring. The director realized that the ring broken by LeBron – a lot of money. The same thought, and the father of a child prodigy, and rushed to the ring on the other side. The school principal, after much wrangling conceded ring LeBron father only six goals, signed by the star.

In 2003, James himself put himself on draft. As he himself admitted, no doubt – to go or not to go to the NBA, he had not. “Cleveland Kvalers” with knowledge of such talent even in the middle of the season gave svego key basketball Miller to end of the season to take the last place and have a better chance to get yourself a young talent. It is worth mentioning that the competition in the NBA Draft, James was serious, among them – the 2006 NBA champion, the Dwyane Wade, leader of the “Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony, leader of the” Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh, a key Diluting “Chicago Bulls’ Kirk Hinrich, Chris.

Ignoring NBA rules, the head coach, “Cleveland Cavaliers” John Lucas invited the 17-year-old phenomenon of practice with the team before the start of the 2002-03 season. And Lucas not even embarrass a fine of 150 thousand dollars and suspension for two games. After he met with the possible future of their team! This is the future of the split walnut some careless “Cleveland” players, scoring a couple of times from the top through the hands of Chris Mima and Dzhumeyna Jones, as well as distributing a few mind-blowing beauty of “blind” transmissions.

In Cleveland, James immediately became a leader and team spirit. With him the team began to play with new colors and gained new fans all over the world. And the young star to please their fans not only incredible slam-dunk and gears, but also the withdrawal of the club to the NBA finals. Each year, the moments with his participation fall into the top ten for the year in the NBA, but this is not the most motivated young basketball player. First of all, he, like any professional basketball player, I want to see in his hand a gold ring with the inscription “Champion”.

At A Glance

Name- LeBron James

Date of birth: 12/30/1984.

Height: 203 cm.

Weight: 113 kg.

Occupation- Athlete, Famous Basketball Players
Education- St. Vincent-St. Mary High School
Place of Birth- Akron, Ohio

Main roles: striker.

Playing position: Shooting Guard (SG), small forward (SF).