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‘The Arctic can melt this year’

For the first time in a hundred thousand years, the Arctic could be free of sea ice. This may occur in the 2016-2017 year, said Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge. Wadhams study based on satellite data, the US. They imply that decreased by 1.5 million square kilometers, says The Independent for 30 years, sea ice area in the Arctic. “If the ice disappears entirely likely that it will be this year, a record low,” – said the scientist. As a result of these processes, as suggested by Professor Wadhams, central Arctic and the North Pole completely free from sea ice. This, in turn, may lead to the earth warming by 0.6 degrees.
However, such a conclusion is not shared by all Wadhams. Professor Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University believes that the Arctic may be ice-free until 2050.

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