Messi vs Ronaldo; Who Is The Best
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Messi vs Ronaldo; Who Is The Best

Ronaldo better than Messi? Are you serious or what? For a lowering of consciousness. Citing a number of goals scored and only operate it – is it right? Football should not play for you, think not only about the number of goals.

Just look at the average rating Messi version WhoScored. 8.84 – above no one in Spain; Ronaldo in second place with an estimate of 8.48. Leo named the best player of the game 25 times this season, Cristiano – only 17. Twenty-five times in thirty-eight games – the best indicator, not only in Spain but also in Europe.

This season, Leo showed everyone how to be the best striker in the world. Compare thermal displacement maps Messi and Ronaldo in the league.
In Argentinian 18 assists – the best score in La Liga and the second in Europe (after Kevin Debruyne 20 assists). Ronaldo behind two successful pass – he is only fifth on the continent.

Having lost the main competitor for the number of goals, Leo beat him in the utility. 85 points on the system “goal + pass” in all competitions – including through these statistics, “Barcelona” plays in the Champions League final, Ronaldo and molds for cars somewhere in Saint-Tropez. Speaking of trophies.
Leo Messi made 2298 Transmission in La Liga, of which 1902 were accurate – 83%. Ronaldo left behind more than a thousand 941 of the 1168 pass-mi reached the destination – 81%. But a much more important indicator – the key transmission, ie, transmission after which the partners hit on goal. In Argentine they had accumulated 130 in all competitions (2.6 per game), Cristiano – 94 (2 per game). This is another reason why Messi will not leave the “Barcelona”: it is a function realized until this shared Xavi and Iniesta. He accepted the offer, Luis Enrique model – and will benefit from this. He won as a footballer. He won the Spanish Cup and the King’s Cup. And to win the Champions League.

Cristiano hit the ball more often Leo (225-187), but the Argentinian was not spent in vain approaches: the accuracy of his shots is 10% higher than that of the Portuguese – 64% against 54%. Long-range strike was never a corona gun Messi – what if there is a dribble? 4.6 successful strokes per match – the first place in Spain and the third in Europe (after Eden Azar and Karim Bellarabi). The statistics of his dribbling Cristiano is better not to show to anyone – with the index of 1.5 per game obygrysha the Portuguese for 140 th place in Europe. With this approach, Ronaldo is sitting in front of TV and watch Messi creates.
This year, Leo did not become top scorer, but the record for most goals scored for the championship still in his 50 goals in a season-2011/12. The title of top scorer in La Liga and the Argentine assistant is not going to give 286 heads (Ronaldo – 225) and 111 assists (65). And let’s face it: Messi scored more valuable, more elegant, richer than Krish balls. For Leo’s defenders do not exist – there is only the gate and partners. He beat a whole team, or lay Neymar and Suarez. Chiellini in many ways lucky to miss the finals – in any case, he will avoid shame.

It is unlikely that Leo thinks about the rivalry with Ronaldo – is the destiny of the Portuguese. He was angry when Messi went beyond the “golden balls”. The last two years, the victory went to Cristiano, but according to a survey conducted by Master Card, Leo was voted the best player in history, and the Champions League. He scored 27% of the votes – nearly twice as much than Zinedine Zidane (12%). Ronaldo became the third – 7%. Messi received the most votes from fans over 55 years – from those who are not interested in hair gels and busty model.