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Observation about Om Shanti Om

Not yet met anyone who would not like this “disco” called Deewangi Deewangi. Personally, I felt a sense of puppy enthusiasm from such a stunning “skit”. But there was a feeling “hunger” and the bit of resentment. After the spectacle was over, flew thoughts – if went to a “booze” – where Amitabh, Aamir, Hrithik, […]

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Biography of Sana Khan

After graduating from high school, Sana Khan did not do any college or institute in – she decided to immediately go to work as a model. Subsequently began to appear in music videos, reality shows and programs on television, and musical item-room movies. In 2008, the debut film of Sana’a as a heroine named Defender […]

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Tips for Beautiful skin

Beautiful appearance of the face and the absence of clogged pores depends not only on products for skin care, but also on the power supply. In order to always look attractive, it is necessary to make facial cleansing, enriching the menu of wholesome food. More restrictive diet that will clean the skin and cleanse the […]

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Water treatments in skin

The fact that our skin to seventy percent water, we heard more than once. Nevertheless, many women still neglect moisturizing treatments. Well, at a young age such levity can go unnoticed – but, alas, only in a certain season. In the summer we all – and very young girls and women between the ages – […]

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Divorce Horror: A look inside

According to statistics, the divorce – it is one of the most frightening circumstances of life. People going through a divorce, facing steadily with this kind of trouble, the pain of parting, disillusionment, sobering and realistic view of themselves outside relationships, division of property and – who have – separation parenting. In addition, distributing steam […]