Short History of Football club “Barcelona”
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Short History of Football club “Barcelona”

Football Club “Barcelona” was founded November 29, 1899 a group of Swiss, British, Spanish and Catalan footballers led by the Swiss Hans Gamper. Stadium “La Eskipidor” opened in 1909. It was the first stadium “Barca”.

After winning a few trophies, such as the cup Makayat and Catalonia championship “Barcelona” became known throughout Spain. Club of Catalonia has quickly become one of the symbols of the same city.

With the opening of the stadium “La Cortez” new era “Barca” began in 1922. In 1930-40-ies “Barcelona” after the Civil War in a steady pro-fascist regime of Franco was forced to change its name because football clubs banned the use of non-Hispanic name, and the Catalan language and flag were banned (in the fight against separatism). As a result of the team in 1941 he was forced to changed their name from an English Football Club Barcelona at the Spanish Club de Fútbol Barcelona, and will exist with this name for 33 years. Also, the club emblem was removed Catalan flag.

Les Corts Ground
Les Corts Ground

Despite the current difficult political situation, “Barcelona” has made great strides in 1940-50-ies. In 1945, the club for the first time since 1929, won the championship of Spain, under the direction of Josep Samitier, and the team then were such players as Cesar Rodriguez Alvarez, Ramallets and Juan Velasco. In 1948 and 1949, “Barcelona” won two more league titles and the Latin Cup.

Trained by Fernando Dauchikom and in the presence of a part of the legendary Ladislao Kubala in 1952. “Barca” won five trophies: the Spanish Cup, Spanish Cup, Latin Cup, Spanish Super Cup and the Copa Martini Rossi. In 1953, the team made a double, winning the championship and the Cup of Spain, which “Barcelona” later vygrivala later in 1957. In 1958 he was taken Fairs Cup.

September 24, 1957 the new stadium the club became just put into operation “Nou Camp” .With this date began the history of the modern “Barcelona”.
The team won many titles, both domestically and in the international arena. Among them three victories in the Champions League. The first – in 1992, when the “Barcelona” defeated “Sampdoria” due to shock Ronald Koeman’s free-kick. The second victory of “Barcelona” came in 2006, when with the score in the final 2: 1 “blue garnet” snatched the title from London “Arsenal”. The third time the Catalans were successful, winning in the “Manchester United” with a score of 2 May of 2009: 0 – this Cup has become one of three trophies (including a victory in the Cup and the example of Spain), won by Guardiola in the 2008-09 season the team.


The Spanish Premier League 2010-11 season to the players of “Barcelona” is one goal – to protect the title of Champions of Spain, and to do it not worse than in the 2009-10 season. However, in the second round of the “Barcelona” has unexpectedly conceded on the home field modest “Hercules” with a score of 0-2. However, the Catalans then improved their position in the standings after the 7th round tied for second place with “Villarreal” and “Valencia”.

Also on the bill players “Barcelona” four of the Champions League and 3 Cup Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

As a part of Barcelona in different years were such famous players as Diego Maradona, Gary Lineker, Michael Laudrup, Bernd Schuster, Ricardo Zamora, Jose Maria Bakero, Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Rivaldo, Lilian Thuram, Thierry Henry .
“Barcelona” – the only club which participated in all UEFA club competition draws.

Full name: Futbol Club Barcelona
Nicknames: Barça (Barça), Blaugranas (Barça)
Founded: November 29, 1899
Stadium: Camp Nou, Barcelona
Capacity: 99,354
President: Sandro Rosell
Coach: Josep Guardiola